Too excited!
*ehem* This is set in the city of Locksmithberg, USA, in a house on 346 Key Street. Population: 658,0000 people. The Locked Room gang has escaped, the year is 2016 and the events of Splatoon never existed (the extinction of humanity), despite mentions of the Great Turf War and squid people and octopus people living amongst humans.

The Locked Room gang’s Christmas is not going well. With Chuck forgetting the presents, the turkey inked by a bunch of Octolings, and Hamsome blowing the mistletoe kiss with Gale, Jelo wonders, “How can this Christmas get any worser?”

Let’s start with a song! A parody, to be exact.

Chestnuts rotting on an open fire
Bad smells are entering your nose
The tree’s not working due to an unplugged wire
What could go wrong? Nobody knows.

Everybody knows Chuck stepped on Jelo’s toes
And the person’s pain screamed alight
Stella’s got spots her bird flu’s gonna blow
The turkey was inked, alright

They said that bad feelings go away
They aren’t even gone to this day
And Pencil’s got a Splattershot, I don’t know why
But she accidentally shot Terence’s eyes

And so I'm offering a simple gift
I hope it will remove the blues
Although you’ve been scarred all the time, all the way
I wish good luck to you

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