Very Ruined Christmas was just the beginning. Sorry, too excited!

This is set in the city of Locksmithberg, Seattle, USA, in a house on 346 Key Street. Population: 6,980,000 people. The Locked Room gang has escaped, the year is 2017 and the events of Splatoon never existed (the extinction of humanity), despite mentions of the Great Turf War and squid people and octopus people living amongst humans. Inklings are less dominant than humans, however. And Pokemon live amongst humans and animals alike. It's likre the real world mixed with comics, videogames, TV shows, etc, etc.
Welcome to Jelo's Tales and Other Whatnots!
Everyday is a new day for Jelo and the Locked Room gang! After escaping the rooms of the Locked Room Challenge, the gang and Jelo are ready to live a normal life in the neighborhood...almost. What crazy adventures will they encounter? Let's find out!
Story #1
Jelo, Freesmart and the others are going shopping! Enough said.
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*The thread ends after 300 posts where a part 2 will be made, or when the story is finshed, where a new story will start.
Also, an announcement. I'm making comics based on Locked Room adventures! Expect comics on the home page! Anyways...

Let's go!