Special thanks to Evergreen and Onslaught for inspiration.
Welcome to Locked Room U!

This roleplaying game takes place in Sir Keyman University, where your characters go to school. You can roleplay as up to six characters. You can also use LITF and Institute characters, but only 3 each. One character can be a teacher too. You can even name your characters! (Like the Zooka Institute!)
Disclaimer. The roleplay is set in Locksmithburg, Indiana (originally Seattle but Garfield lives in Muncie), USA. The gang has escaped. The year is 2017. Inklings, Pokemon and singing monsters live amongst humans and animals. The Great Turf Battle happened in the 1800s or something. It's like the real world mixed with video games, TV and stuff.

== Plot ==
No specific/fixed plot! You can mold the story in anyway you like! Like Playdoh, or oobleck.

== Rules ==
* Don't spam.
* Don't cuss.
* Use 6 characters only, 3 characters can be LITF or Institute characters. 1 can be a teacher.
* Never use someone else's characters, unless you have permission.

== Character sheet! ==
Pass: yahoooweee

Let's go!