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Chilly Bean BAM!
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Locked Room Epic! Ch. 1

This is set in the city of Locksmithberg, Seattle, USA, in a house on 346 Key Street. Population: 6,980,000 people. The Locked Room gang has escaped, the year is 2017 and the events of Splatoon never existed (the extinction of humanity), despite mentions of the Great Turf War and squid people and octopus people living amongst humans. Inklings are less dominant than humans, however. And Pokemon and singing monsters live amongst humans and animals alike. It's likre the real world mixed with comics, videogames, TV shows, etc, etc.
Welcome to Locked Room Epic!
Jelo decides to take a break and relax with his friends after making lots of Zookas. However, a claw reaches for a shiny thing that Jelo just recieved: the Super Aura, an item that grants the user any wish! King Pig, the Foreman Pig, Chef Pig and Prince Porky just stole it, and are leaving in their blimp! Can Jelo and the Locked Room gang get the Super Aura back? However there is a greater evil who wants the Super Aura for his own evil purposes... Can the gang stop this evil?

Classes sheet!
Password is packetracket.
Chapter 1
Jelo takes a break, hanging out with the gang. Until something happens...
This is like Angry Birds Epic.
* Don't spam
* Don't use other people's characters unless you have permission
* Don't swear
* Don't disrespect people
* Always have fun!
*The thread ends after 300 posts where a part 2 will be made, or when the story is finshed, where a new story will start.
Let's go!
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Chilly Bean BAM!
Meet Jelo!

A smart guy and leader who cares to help others.

Base Stats
HP: 22 / 34 / 41
Attack Damage: 10 / 12 / 18
Special: Super Block
There is a 20% chance Jelo will defend himself after getting hit.

Rage Chili: Got the Power
Deals 65% more damage, and gets healed by 10 HP.
Rocket Scientist
Initial class.

Off with a Bang
Deals 65% AD damage to target, and 15% AD damage to other enemies.

Fireworks Show
All allies' attack power is increased by 10%. Lasts 2 turns.
Can you make the stats for my characters? I can't do things like that normally.
Here are the specials of my characters.
ROCKFLAME's special: Infernal: there is 15.113% chance that he will dodge fire attacks.
574lk3r's special: Light Speed: There is a 15.7% chance that she will dodge AND attack.
Hans-Cuff's special: Under Arrest: There is a 20% chance that he will arrest a random enemy.
Rest-Q's special: MEDIC!: There is a 0.000000001% chance that he will heal the ally at the lowest health back to full health.
Is this good?
Mine too!
List your character classes, attacks and other stuff on the character sheetso we can go on with the roleplay!
Nevermind. It's there.
ROCKFLAME: Ready for action. Also, I'm not using my Blaze Saber this time. I'm using my Inferno Blade.
Jelo attacks King Pig.
ROCKFLAME and 574lk3r attack King Pig. Hans-Cuff and Rest-Q convert.