JA: Hello and welcome to LRSPN! I'm Jowey Andersnaz.
DF: And I'm Daniel Floyd.
JA: And this is Locked Room Raciiiiiinnnng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DF: Jeez, Jowey, you don't have to say it that loud!
JA: Anyway, welcome to the Multiverse Grand Prix!
DF: Here are the rules for you fans.
1- No spamming
2- No swearing
3- Don't harrass
4- Thread ends at 500, so carpe diem!
JA: Okay, so good luck racers!
Character list. Password is fastandphineas.
I'm releasing a transcript for comic writers.
I won't give you the password, although take the underlined letters from what Bomby is saying and boom, you got the password!