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Chilly Bean BAM!
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Jelo's Pals - A Locked Room Classic Roleplay

[ Note ]
This is set in Locksmithburg, Seattle with a population of 30 million (20m humans, 6m Inklings, 4m Toads). Inklings, Slimes, Pokemon, Toads and singing monsters live along with humans and animals (although humans and animals are more dominant). It's like the real world combined with videogames, TV and stuff.
Jelo and Mika invite their pals from highschool, but it turns out things can go wrong when you invite a few peeps here. What's the gang to do?
[ New Characters ]

Jelo's Mom
She's not fat. She's friendly.

[ Meet the Dorkzoiders (Jelo never agreed to that name) ]

A big Rosalina fan. She styles her hair like her, keeps photos of her, and even has a shrine of her! She started a fan group, has a lot of Rosalina merch, and even has a crush on Rosalina! Wtheck is goin on here?!?!
Personality: Energetic
Appearance: Looks like Rosalina but brown hair, brown eyes, has freckles, wears blue skirt, wears white plaid shirt with blue sweater vest, wears black glasses because she's a dork, wears blue skirt and black and blue shoes. 7.07 ft tall.

A science nerd who likes tech. He also wants Dahlia to be his science partner. A master of cogs and sprockets, this guy can make amazing tech in a matter of milliseconds!
Personality: Optimistic
Appearance: Rugged blue hair, wears goggles, wears glasses, wears a blue shirt and green bowtie, black pants, brown shoes. 6.7 ft tall.

A young witch, not like the ones you see on Halloween. She's friendly and uses her power for good. She helps Kerv'n on his big pranks.
Personality: Friendly
Appearance: Pink hair, blue eyes, witch costume. 5.8 ft tall.

Brawn, with a mix of brains. The tough guy, but intelligent. He's big, but don't worry, he just wants to hug people and make friends!
Personality: Friendly
Appearance: Messy hair, wears glasses, wite shirt with blue stripes, black pants, light brown sneakers. 8 ft tall.

A party animal, this guy is also a big goofball! He started the idea of a school party club, and is pretty popular because of that.
Personality: Goofy
Appearance: Orange afro, brown eyes, has freckles, light blue polo shirt, blue jeans, green sneakers. 6.08 ft tall.

The prankster of the group. Tries to cheer up the group. Tries. Ends up failing. He's pretty clumsy too.
Personality: Prankster
Appearance: Wild hair, blue eyes, blue sweater, blue shorts, green tennis shoes. 5.6 ft tall.

You know him. Nuff said.
Personality: Leader
Appearance: Messy hair, brown jacket, blue shirt with white collar, blue pants, brown shoes, wears watch. 6 ft tall.

[ Rules ]
* No swearing
* No spamming
* No harassing
* Thread ends when story ends.
Comic strip transcripts!
Password is: fantoastybaby
Let's go!
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Chilly Bean BAM!
ROCKFLAME: 574lk3r and I are just doing this to hide. That's what we do.
Richard: Where's ROCKFLAME?
Jelo: Rocky's invisible.
574lk3r: It's holographic camouflage.
ROCKFLAME: Just so that nobody sees 574lk3r and myself.
Jelo: You really have to do that? Why? You think my friends are rogue?
574lk3r: *reveals herself and ROCKFLAME* He's nervous about meeting new people. I just had to do that to make things not look weird between me and him.
ROCKFLAME: Jelo, can you introduce them to me? That usually helps me not be nervous around people I'm meeting for the first time.
Jelo: Okay, meet the Dorkzoiders. There's Rosie, big Rosalina fan. Gerry, a science nerd. Merlie, a friendly witch. Jommer, smart, strong. Peet'r, party animal. Kerv'n, prankster o' the group. Jelo, which is me. Yes, I made the group. But not the name.
574lk3r: Should I introduce R-Flame and myself to your other friends, Jelo?
Jelo: Okay.
ROCKFLAME: ROCKFLAME here. I'm the tech guy and the aeronautical engineer in my group, the Humanimals and I lead the group.
574lk3r: Only the Humanimals, my family and my close friends know my real name and we keep it a secret, so I go by the alt name 574lk3r. I'm a medic, a performer and the Humanimals' second-in-command.