This is a spinoff of IALR that goes back to the past of the Locked Rooms. This is a Post-Challenge series, so no continuity errors! Also, this is an alternate future after the Locked Room Conspiracy RP.
After the CLASS corrupted the code of the universe, only the Veterans, some classic Gang Members and the RPers remain. They must travel through White Space to restore life to the Rooms and travel into their own pasts to find their Evolution Crystals to bring back Locked 016.10 Iota!
* Don't spam
* Don't swear
* Don't harass
*Threads end at 70+ posts.
*Only 5 characters can be used unless they're the boss of the last room in the Era, they're villains or their room of introduction has passed (both sections)
*Only Classic characters in this section.
*No defined plot in this section
Classic Hans-Cuff: My favorite room. *converts and activates his heater*
Classic Blaze and Classic ROCKFLAME: *light fires* Is everyone okay?
Classic Firefly (Fireflight): Waspinator, look around. *deploys Classic Waspinator, who freezes up immediately*