Villains are attacking Echo Creek! With most of the Gang members away on vacation, it's up to Star, Marco, Moon and the rest to defend the town from the forces of evil and the Galactic Army!
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* Don't use other people's characters without their permission.
** Exception is if you co-own them (i.e. got permission), or if they are free-use.
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* Swears are allowed, only if they are censored. Minor cusses like "crap" are allowed uncensored.
* Mentioning real-life stuff won't break the 4th wall.
* This series takes place in the present day, so no chronological errors.
<< It's a normal day in Echo Creek, Los Angeles... >>

Star: Hey, Marco!
Marco: Hey Star. What'cha doin' today?

Isabella arrives and slaps Marco in the face for using her catchphrase.

Marco: Hey, what was that for?!
Isabella: Don't ever use my catchphrase. *leaves*
Marco: Fine.....

Jackie Lynn and Janna arrive.

Janna: Eyy, Star!
Star: Janna Banana! Hi-five!

Janna and Star hi-five each other.