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Welcome to the biggest RP in the wiki, In a Locked Room! Despite the name, you aren't in a locked room. Traverse through different areas across the world and the multiverse, based off videogames, movies, or just your plain imagination! Interact with anyone and anything! Complete crazy challenges! Defeat mad villains! There's so much to do here in the endless multiverse trail, but only one thing matters: You and your friends must escape the rooms!
Avalice Assault
Created and story by Onslaught210/RodimusPrimeHans-Cuff210
While tracking down an energy signature, the Gang crashland on a nearby planet known as Avalice, where 3 cities are at war over an energy source called the Kingdom Stone. An alien warlord named Lord Brevon had manipulated the 3 leaders and is bent on claiming the Kingdom Stone to supercharge his robot army. With a disguised alien named Torque, 2 former criminals named Lilac and Carol, and an innocent dog named Milla's help, can the Gang stop the war and take back the Kingdom Stone from Brevon?
Just like any other RP, IaLR has rules you must follow.
General Rules
*Don't use other people's characters without their permission. Exception is if you co-own them (i.e. got permission), or if they are free-use. Mind-controlling a character for a brief time is okay, but playing as someone else's character without it being free-use or co-owned is bad.
**Same goes for alternate universe counterparts: Unless the owner gives you permission to make an AU version, you can’t make an AU version.
*No godmodding. You can't just make a character step to the right and magically solve everything! It ruins the plot, the fun, and can cause a lot of problems. We had a case of this with the character "Script" in Season 1B.
*Follow the plot if needed. Nobody likes a derailed episode!
*No spamming. It just fills up the episode with useless crap, thus leading to derailment of plot.
*Swears are allowed, only if they are censored. Minor cusses like "crap" are allowed uncensored.
*No chronological errors. In a Locked Room's "Challenge" episode styles take place in June-August 2016. "Post-Challenge" and other episode styles take place in the present day.
*Mentioning real-life companies, places, and other stuff won't break the 4th wall. IaLR's Earth is supposed to be similar to real-life Earth, except with a few fictional places, people and items added.
*Do not join if you plan on ruining this RP. If you're just here to spam and spew hate among other stuff, you are ABSOLUTELY not welcome.
ROCKFLAME: Guys, we can't stay here. *spots Shade Elites incoming* Get to the Rock-14s! I've already set the GPS to Dragon Valley.