Sign up for your characters in TnT! You can't join TnT with nobody, you know.

== [ Character Rules ] ==
• There is a 24-contestant and an unlimited staff limit. Just as to not overflow the RP with characters you're likely not gonna use.

○ Also, there is a 3-team limit. You may have up to 8 contestants per team with a minimum of 3 contestants. For each team, there must be a team leader and an assistant team leader.

○ There are many roles your characters as staff can play. This includes hosts, co-hosts, reporters, cameramen, maintenance workers, paramedics and so on.
== [ Template for Characters ] ==
You can create you contestant and/or host with this template.
• What is your name? - (Character name.)

• What's your species? - (Species of the character.)

• What's your gender? - (Gender of the character. Male, female or nonbinary?)

• What's your personality? - (The personality of the character.)

• What's your bio? / Why do you want to join? - (A bit of backstory as to how and why did the character join. If you don't have a reason as to why the character joined, just replace it with their bio.)

• Tell us something random. - (Exactly what it says on the tin.)