Welcome...to In a Locked Room! Despite the name, you aren't in a locked room.

Traverse through different areas across both the world and the multiverse, based off video games, movies, or just your plain imagination! Interact with anyone and anything! Complete crazy challenges! Defeat mad villains! The sky's the limit in the endless multiverse trail, but one goal matters: You and your friends must escape these crazy rooms!


S2b-E6: Cookie Crazy (Created by/Story by JeloElducal)

The gang ends up in the Cookie Kingdom, a place inhabited by sentient cookies. And no, I'm not kidding. Recently, the peaceful kingdom has been attacked by a witch with an appetite for both cookies and world domination! Now the gang must defend this confectionery kingdom, before everything gets eaten into submission.


To ensure a good RP experience, it is recommended to read the rules of the roleplay (http://in-a-locked-room.wikia.com/wiki/In_a_Locked_Room_Wiki:Roleplay_Rules#In_a_Locked_Room).