• Chilly Bean BAM!

    Ultra Mario Maker

    November 15, 2018 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    My previous Super Mario Maker blog died down, so here's another.

    • Super Mario Bros.
    • Super Mario Bros. 2
    • Super Mario Bros. 3
    • Super Mario World
    • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
    • New Super Mario Bros.
    • New Super Mario Bros. U

    • Overworld
    • Underground
    • Athletic
    • Underwater
    • Desert
    • Sand Cave
    • Jungle
    • Beach
    • Snow
    • Ice Cave
    • Volcano
    • Tower
    • Ghost House
    • Airship
    • Castle

    • Block
    • ? Block
    • Hard Block
    • Ground
    • Pipe
    • Super Mushroom
    • Coin
    • Trampoline
    • Goomba
    • Koopa Troopa
    • Piranha Plant
    • Hammer Bro
    • Wings
    • Lakitu
    • Spiny
    • Fire Flower
    • Donut Lift
    • Cheep-Cheep
    • Blooper
    • Bill Blaster
    • Bullet Bill
    • Semi-solid Platform
    • Buzzy Beetle
    • Lava Bubble
    • Bob-omb
    • Boo
    • Thwomp
    • Angry Sun
    • Spike
    • Pokey
    • Note Block
    • P Switch
    • Fire Bar
    • Fence
    • Mini Mushroom
    • Super Star
    • Second-level Power-Up
    • Shy Guy
    • Spike Top
    • Muncher
    • Fuzzy
    • Rex
    • Swoop
    • Amp
    • Waddlewing
    • ? Switch
    • Snake Block
    • Burner
    • Cannon
    • Invisible Bloc…

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! Here I am once again with a new blog post. This time I didn't steal the idea from anyone, promise. So, a couple of weeks ago, I played Cookie Run. I really loved the game, and even though my tablet stopped working again a couple of days after getting Cookie Run, the game managed to inspire me a lot. I already decided to add quite a few characters from Cookie Run to my roster, along with some cookie OCs.

    However, that's not the point of this blog post. This blog post is about an idea I had. You see, in a recent update of Cookie Run, they added something called Relationship Charts. Basically, you get to know what different cookies think about each other. I thought it was a pretty nice feature, even though I didn't get to see muc…

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    Well, I'm gonna wait til IaLR is back again. Right now I'm just updating my article pages. Bye.

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! Redfork2000 here. So very recently, PeaVZ108 made a blog post about the Tier List for his villains. And since I steal ideas got inspired by his blog post, I decided to do the same for my villains. Remember, this list focuses on the threat levels of each villain, and not necessary brute strength, so villains like Dr. Zack and Bright Spark will be included on the list. Also, no villains from the Shadow Dimension will be included, since most of them are basically recolored versions of their original counterparts.

    Before we get to the tier list, here are what each tier will mean.

    S - This rank is for the most powerful and threatening villains that can only be defeated by the most powerful of attacks.

    A - This rank is for villains th…

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  • PeaVZ108

    My Villains Tier List

    November 12, 2018 by PeaVZ108

    Hi guys! PeaVZ here, and this time, I'm going to try something different! I'm going to categorise my villains according to how powerful and threatening each one of them they are, including side villains and minor ones! Note that since this tier list isn't necessarily arranged by how powerful the villains are, so villains like Re-Peat Boss will be included. And I won't be including counterparts from the Shadow Dimension as well.

    Before we get to the tier list, here are what each tier will mean.

    S - This rank is for the most powerful and threatening villains that can only be defeated by the most powerful of attacks.

    A - This rank is for villains that are very powerful and threatening, and are able to put up very good fights by themselves.

    B - This…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    It's my birthday

    November 10, 2018 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    Hey guys! I have something to tell you today!

    It's my birthday!!!

    Thank you for supporting me since 2016. IaLR wouldn't progress without everyone, including me.

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  • Da Interruptor Haha132

    whats new

    November 10, 2018 by Da Interruptor Haha132

    well i've been missing lot of things... what happened to the series? whats goin on?

    what is the latest core series btw?

    ps; today is my bday. yay

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!


    TimePlay 2 is a sequel to TimePlay. Like its prequel, you play games on a screen with your phones as controllers though wifi.

    • New games have been added
    • Theme design and music overhaul
    • More avatars to pick from
    • Playable on your computer, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch with your phones
    • There is now a harder mode called Omega Mode that changes some parts of the games you play
      • Quiz-It's timer runs down faster and one of the incorrect answers may flash green to trick players into picking it.
      • There are now 5 images in Order Up.
      • Pick 3's timer runs down faster and the answers shuffle once before you are able to start actually playing.
      • Big Picture's image looks both blurred out and swirled up at the beginning and the timer runs down faster.
      • In …

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Heya! Chilly here, and I've got something to tell you...

    Expecting new characters?

    Or a fanmade IaLR idea?

    Or new stoies?

    Well, it's not all of that... Get ready for...


    Sorry for scaring you, but it's One Topic Touchdown!!, a blog series where I post one topic at a time. Most of the episodes have a question. And you can also make an episode, not just me!

    The first OTT episode will be released November 9.

    Well, it's true! See ya there soon! YA-HOOO! 14:13, November 7, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Basically, show everyone your IaLR characters' SSB movesets in the comment section below.

    Here's some of mine:

      • Neutral Special: Melon Lob - Richard lobs a frozen melon that deals 7% damage.
      • Side Special: Blade Burst - Richard throws a snowflake blade forward that deals about 4% damage.
      • Up Special: Upward Tackle - Richard jumps up and swings his Icy Armageddon in midair.
      • Down Special: Ice Bomb - Richard plunges his sword into the ground.
      • Final Smash: Guardian of Frost - Richard lunges foward. If he connects with an opponent, he will slash them up before doing a series of slashes with his Icy Armageddon before slashing them down, dealing 60% damage overall.
      • Neutral Special: Butter Toss - Kernely lobs a flaming butter foward, inflicting fire dama…
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  • CITRONtanker

    So many people have done this, it's only natural for me to get in on the action. I think you know the drill by now. Ask away!

    A happy and outgoing Inkling, but a potentially fatal opponent all the same. One of the most well-known members of the Gang.

    Needs no introduction

    Jenny and Galaximus's little sister, with a robotic suit of armor to take on anybody.

    An Octoling that escaped the awful Deepsea Metro, a former Galactic Army commander, and the biggest sweetheart this side of the wiki.

    Headstrong, but sensitive inside, he never backs down to any challenge!

    A clever Inkling who nearly ended up working for Galaximus

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  • BoltBlizard


    Noun A body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.

    This is the lore behind my IaLR RPG: Accursed Asylum. In here, information about the Asylum and the cast there is noted and remembered.

    Piece of lore Who said it Quote
    The cell rooms of the Asylum are in hospital style treatment. Narration What appeared to be Anna and Spongebob were in hospital styled confinement - with some differences. They're in separate rooms, they were periodically checked, and were restrained down by machinery when they weren't allowed to leave their rooms.
    There are at least 20 floors in the Aslyum, more or less.



    May all those on BF20 please exit their rooms?  -Peaco…

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  • CaptainRustbolt21

    Boredom can lead to different things...

    You can ask whoever you want. Just specify who you're asking.

    The Class-S agent of the USMSF (United States Military Spy Federation) and the tank of the Locked Room Gang.

    The redeemed Ink Demon and manager of Joey Drew Studios and the one who slacks out of battles for the LRG.

    The Fallen Angel and co-manager of Joey Drew Studios. She's quite a gal!

    The lead commissioner of the Echo Creek Police Department and a jolly fellow.

    CEO of HyperTech Industries and Director of the HyperTech Agency.

    A forgotten running gag.

    The monster lurking in the shadows and part of the Sun God Solaris.

    The manifestation of suffering and part of the Sun God Solaris.

    The chairman of the terrorist organization, the Crimson Order. And …

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  • CITRONtanker

    A teaser.....

    November 1, 2018 by CITRONtanker

    We thought we were immune....

    We were wrong....

    One day, a severe oddity occured in the RP world we know and love. Heroes and villains from all over gathered to witness the going ons. It’s not that bad for you and me- not now, at least.

    From a cliff, overlooking a grand sea, a congregation of hands were seen flying around in the sky. It felt like a nightmarish convention of pupeteers. In the center of it all, a mysterious, multicolored enitity can be seen.

    Jenny: I still cannot figure out what that thing is....

    Lincoln: It looks like something from my comics, only worse.

    Asher: This is no mere fantasy, human! We must prepare to fight! *He draws his Carbon Roller*

    Lisa: Using basic logic, it would be best if we each disposed of an equal amount. But th…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Blog O' Shorts

    November 1, 2018 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    I've got some skits to show you!

    And before you ask, it doesn't have just IaLR-related stuff.

    (We see Christopher and Jade watching a romantic movie.)

    • Christopher: So Jade, you like this movie?
    • Jade: Yep.
    • Christopher: Nice.

    (Christopher and Jade are about to kiss, but then Johnathan pops up behind the couch and ends up getting kissed.)

    • Christopher now has a girlfriend here.

    (A Super Mario Bros.-based castle level. We see Mario avoiding many enemies. And just he is about to enter a Warp Pipe, he notices a Thwomp above it. Mario then runs past the Thwomp, and when it comes crashing down, it enters the pipe and is launched into the sky (and eventually space) in another level.)

    • Was inspired by a Brawl in the Family strip.

    (We see Richard's house, unusually bo…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Disclaimer: It's over.

    UPDATE: My list of most powerful characters now have some major changes!

    Welp, this is going to be a long one. Ho boy.

    Hey everyone, it's me again, PeaVZ108! It's almost November 1st, the same day on 2016 when I officially joined the PvZ wiki, which means that it'll be almost my 2nd anniversary! And wow, so much happened over the course of one year! Can't you believe it?

    From an eight-part series portraying the adventures of Starcade and Kyoji tracking down the different gemstones and convincing them to join their side (Quest of the Legendary Rainbow Gem) to an entire series of stories that include comedy, slice of life, action, adventure, romance, darkness and more (Heroes of Echo Creek), there sure has been a lot that …

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  • BoltBlizard

    Link to the RPG - message - is here!

    Consumable Name What it does Cost (in coins) Description
    Power Pellet Heals 5 health to the consumer and gives them +3 ATK for 3 turns. 40  Waka, waka!
    E-Tank Removes all debuffs from the consumer and heals them for 50 health. 100 Do not drink this. It's digitally made.
    1-up Mushroom Brings a defeated ally back up to half health and gives them two actions next turn. 300 You only live once, you know.
    Frozen Fruit Reduces move range of all enemies by 1 and halves their DEF. Both of these effects last for 2 turns. 100 Watch as time is slowed by a silver spread of snow...
    Minigame Machine Heals all allies by 20 HP and gives them all +1 move range for 2 turns. 250 Nothing like randomness to get your day started!


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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Hey folks! It's Halloween time, and do you know what that means? Trick or treating.

    I'm surprisingly not going trick-or-treating this year because I feel like I'm getting too old for that now.

    So...let's talk about Halloween stuff with Richard and Kernely! *calls Richard and Kernely* Yoohoo!

    (Richard and Kernely soon arrive, with costumes on. Richard's a vampire while Kernely's a witch.)

    • Richard: Hey!
    • Kernely: Hello!

    So, now we've got both two here, let's start! Kernely, what do you think of your costume?

    • Kernely: Pretty nice! I like the hat and dress the best. I don't care if it didn't came with a long nose, which it didn't.

    What about Rick?

    • Richard: It's awesome! I'm glad it came with fake teeth to complete the costume. Let's hope someone doesn't hunt…
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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! Here I am with yet another blog post!

    Recently, Pea made a blog post talking about what boss themes his characters would have. I liked it, in fact it inspired me to do the same for my own cast! Here's the link to Pea's blog, in case you haven't seen it yet:

    Now, we can start with my character's battle themes!

    Note: Several of my characters already have battle themes in their pages, so I won't be adding them here. If you see a main character from my roster missing here, that's most likely because his/her theme is already in that character's page. So go and check it out!

    With that our of the way, let's begin!

    Does this surprise you? It's the…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Been a long time since my last blog, huh?

    Hey guys, it's me again! I'm a little bored, so I decided to do something random: What if some of my characters had their own boss themes? You see, I've been quite hooked onto ROBLOX (don't judge me) lately and I was playing ROBLOX Epic Minigames - A LOT. And I love it, despite the lag of course. While I was playing the various minigames, there were quite a lot of themes that I listened to and I liked them as much as the minigames. Some were very fitting for my characters, so I decided to try this out.

    P.S. The themes I added for my Purple-Ops villains (aka Black Planter, Polar Tundra and Professor Orange) had their themes from ROBLOX Epic Minigames too. So I won't re-use them.

    Credits to the music art…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Hey folks! I've got an idea, but it's not fully related to IaLR...

    A new game!

    It's called Richard's Adventure, a platforming adventure game, where it stars our favorite Winter Melon. Of course, there's way more than just him.

    On a beautiful day, a gang of plant raiders attacks a brand new town and steals treasure from one of the citizens. The citizen tells Richard that if the plant raiders manage to get enough treasure, they will put them into an engine and make an deady weapon out of the treasure. Richard, with his friends Kernely and two new plants, travels to many new places to retrieve the treasure and stop the plant raiders, fighting enemies along the way.

    Along the way, Richard accidentally runs into Torchy, who was attempting to fight o…

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  • Redfork2000

    IaLR the Musical

    October 21, 2018 by Redfork2000

    Disclaimer: This song is meant for parody only. None of this is canon, it's just a random idea I got when hearing a pretty cool song.

    Twilight Sparkle grabs a book to read to Spike.

    Twilight: Once upon a time, there was a gang of heroes called the Locked Room Gang. They stopped the villains' plans, and kept peace in themultiverse. However, one night, the villains gathered to discuss their common problem. They all knew that they had to get rid of the gang... they needed a plan...

    [In the story]

    Ink Burst: You all probably know why we're here.

    Re-Peat Boss: It's about that pesky old gang that keeps getting in our way.

    Captain Blowhole: They always stop our plans!

    Bright Spark: And we must stop them!

    [Music begins]

    Ink Burst: Hey, they're coming this …

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  • BoltBlizard

    Link to the RPG - message - is here!

    The one pulling the strings in the Asylum holds a cartoonish crew close to her. Although they are mostly expendable in their behaviour, the whole gang excels in both ranges - even including area damage and work at their best when they trap their prey.

    Enemy HP ATK DEF SPD Attack range Move range EXP given Coins dropped Attacks Skills Description
    Walking George 7 6 0 2 1 3 5 50
    On a lovely, morning walk...
    Soaring George 12 11 1 6 1 4 8 75
    A-grade pilot, willing to die for his cause.
    Racing George 17 15 4 11 2 3 14 100

    This speedcar has no brakes.
    Andy 15 18 2 10 1 3 20 150

    He's been cruising a bruising ever since wrestling days.
    Tommy 25 15 8 0 1 1 20 150

    "Hopefully", he said, "it'll be worth the weight."
    L.L …

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  • SuperGaming101

    yay halloween

    October 12, 2018 by SuperGaming101

    i'm here and it's halloween and stuff and i didn't really know what to write but i'm here so yo

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Ay, wazzup? Chilly here, and I'm gonna throw out a new thing - but this time, it's not a single character or a megannouncment. It's something even better than the two combined.

    Waaaait for it... *drumroll*

    A comic!

    Yeah, that's right, you folks out there! A comic is in the works! ...But what do you think am I talking about? It's not an IaLR one...

    This comic stars a 17-year old girl named Zorlina Valencinthos whose goal is to become one of the rulers of her hometown - Poppyseed Valley. But when her enemy - Flametta, a warrior with fire powers, constantly strikes Poppyseed Valley to become what Zorlina also wants, she, along with her friends, will have to stop her from taking the spotlight.

    Sounds neat, doesn't it?

    ...Okay, let's get on to the cha…

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  • Redfork2000

    Well, Red Fork and his pal, Blue Ocean,

    They like to roll the dice,

    By chance they came on Discord's game,

    and gosh they paid the price,

    paid the price!

    And now they're fighting, for their lives,

    on a mission fraught with dread.

    And if they proceed,

    but don't succeed,

    well... Discord will take their heads!

    Hello everyone! How are you doing today? So here I am with another blog of random ideas. This time I was thinking to myself: Hey, if Red Fork was Cuphead and Blue Ocean was Mugman, which characters of my cast would be each Cuphead Boss? So talking about it with Pea and Bolt, I decided to make a blog post where I'll talk about which members of my cast would portray each Cuphead Boss. Just a brief warning: some of my choices won't make much sense, …

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Minecraft 2

    September 25, 2018 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    Yep, I'm starting a mod project named Minecraft 2. You play it similarly to vanilla Minecraft, except that you may gather new blocks and items, encounter new mobs, explore new biomes, and travel into three new dimensions.

    So let's get started.

    Here are the new blocks and block changes!

    • Rose

    • Element Constructor
    • Lab Table
    • Element
    • Underwater TNT
    • Underwater Torch
    • Colored Torch

    • All block names starting with 'Block of' are renamed (for example, Block of Diamond is renamed to Diamond Block).

    • Aluminum Ore
    • Aluminum Block
    • Bronze Ore
    • Bronze Block
    • Copper Ore
    • Copper Block
    • Silver Ore
    • Silver Block
    • Tin Ore
    • Tin Block
    • Tungsten Ore
    • Tungsten Block
    • Uranium Ore
    • Uranium Block
    • Amethyst Ore
    • Amethyst Block
    • Sapphire Ore
    • Sapphire Block
    • Topaz Ore
    • Topaz Block
    • Rafflesia
    • Stalactite
    • Stalagmite
    • Glowing Mushr…

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  • BoltBlizard

    Link to the RPG - message - is here!

    Class Stat boots
    Ninja +3 SPD, +2 ATK, +2 HP, +1 DEF
    Gunslinger +3 ATK, +2 DEF. +2 HP, +1 SPD
    Revitalizer +3 HP, +2 DEF, +2 SPD, +1 ATK
    Titan +3 DEF, +2 HP, +2 ATK, +1 SPD
    Sorceror +3 ATK, +2 HP, +2 SPD, +1 DEF

    Player Character Class Weapon HP ATK DEF SPD Attack range Move range Attacks Skills Current EXP Coins
    JeloElducal Kaitlynn Sorceror None 52 12 2 10 3 3

    Level 1


    Huntertabbyandshark3 Anna Gunslinger
    72 26 15 18 4 3

    Level 6


    CITRONtanker Luna Titan None 112 21 27 12 1 2

    Level 6


    • All of these are used by BoltBlizard.

    Character Class Weapon HP ATK DEF SPD Attack range Move range Attacks Skills Current EXP Salary (X LVL)
    Compa Revitalizer
    87 18 22 30 2 3

    Meter: 149/157

    Level 6



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  • BoltBlizard

    Future Plans

    September 11, 2018 by BoltBlizard

    Hello, people of the internet! It's Bolt time - and what do you know - September is a busy month! Pea and BF have revitalised the Hurt/Heal game (indirectly joined effort), and Red plans to do the same. Now it's my turn - and no, it's not another one of them!

    I'm doing this MY way!

    I've got a few plans for this RPG I intend to host on my wall on this place. I've got just about enough to share with you lot today, and that's what I intend to do! Allow me to introduce my project to you!

    Yep! All events that will happen in this RPG I intend to host will not be cannon to the IaLRverse! With this in mind, I highly suggest - if you want to practice any characters, please, do it here. You will be able to introduce them to people before putting them i…

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  • SuperGaming101


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  • Chilly Bean BAM!
    HEY GUYS! Remember this puzzle back in TRS #90?
    B___ _P____ ____Y
    Well, as I said yesterday, I will reveal the answer to it today...and actually, right now!

    (Many letters are revealed where the lines were.)

    Blue Spinel Valley!!!

    Yep, you heard it first! Blue Spinel Valley is a new location! It will be introduced in a new story that will be coming this month! Oh, and BTW, it'll be in Georgia.

    Plus, there's gonna be a waterfall named Lotus Falls nearby. Also, 3 crystal caves named The Crystalana Caverns. The second is the biggest. And of course there will be the following:

    • Crystals (Duh!)
    • Bats
    • Water (WITH FISH!)
    • Spiders
    • Centipedes
    • Snakes? Snakes?! SNAAAAAAAAAAKES!
    • Salamanders
    • Crayfish
    • Cockroaches
    • Fungi

    Not only just that, there will be a new character who is als…

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  • CaptainRustbolt21

    Blog of Randomness

    September 7, 2018 by CaptainRustbolt21

    Just do what comes natural...

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  • JeloElducal

    Didn't see this coming, did ya?

    Anyway, welcome back to In a Locked Room Megannouncement! Where we stuff a bunch of small announcements into one big, convenient blog post (because using the Find function in a ton of TRS threads just slows down my computer).

    I'm pretty sure you know this already, but I'll say it again for those who are unfamiliar. Megannouncements are, like I said previously, a bunch of small announcements stuff into a big announcement. Hence the name, which is a portmanteau of the words "mega" and "announcement".

    Let's get started, shall we?

    IaLR's currently back on track, this time in message walls. It might be slow, and a lot of users decided to stay behind and wait for the next episode, but IaLR's still okay! It might be ki…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Hi guys, PeaVZ here with a mega-announcement! Not sure if this is my first one, but hey, it's still a mega-announcement! I'll be announcing some notable introductions and changes for my characters, as well as some of my new story ideas! So here they are:

    • Sakura 
      • Soon to be debuted in one of my solo stories, Sakura the Light Ninja. Sakura is a female light ninja who craves for revenge after her parents have been killed in the Japanese war. She has once attacked Japan just to look for Akasha/Takeshi, since they're the offspring of Shogo the Warlord, who is really the one who killed Sakura's parents. However, she failed to find them and has gone against the Light Sensei's commandments by causing mass destruction with her light powers, and has t…

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  • TheSuperKoopaBros11

    Yep. What the title says.

    Sorry if I was inactive all of time... So How are you now?

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Sad Announcement

    August 28, 2018 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    Hey, Chilly here.

    I feel like leaving this wiki.

    Why? I'm always replaced by Jelo by Fork and Pea in their stories, and they always kick me out. Meanwhile, in TRS, I'm getting ignored by people, sometimes getting impatient to the point they get mad at me. Those are the reasons I don't feel welcomed now.

    Plus, I'm depressed about the things above, even though I have stories I can make.

    So yeah. What's your thoughts...? YA-HOOO! 13:09, August 28, 2018 (UTC)

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  • CaptainRustbolt21

    We see Alan Robertson pacing back and forth in front of some new recruits (us) of the HyperTech Agency

    • Robert: (stops pacing and looks directly at us) Welcome, new recruits, to the HyperTech Agency. My name is Alan Robertson, founder, and CEO of HyperTech Industries, Incorporated, and lead director of the Agency. Here, we want to recruit only the best of the best: astronauts, war heroes, Olympians, all of that jazz. In order to prove to yourselves that you are fit for this agency, you will all be involved in one of the most dangerous operations I've thought of yet. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you...

    He then proceeds to show a presentation slide via a hologram called...


    • Robert: In Operation Purple-Ops, you all will b…

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Heyo! Chilly here, and I'm going to show you a lot of changes for my IaLR stuff! Actually, it's almost my second generation in IaLR, so I will make lots of changes to my roster, villains, etc.

    So, here's the changes, additions, and removals that will happen when or after the Second Generation takes effect on August 26th (originally Sep. 1st but it was pushed back earlier because I will probably have to help my sister move into university and I'd could have to risk delaying it). Oh, and the Second Generation will probably end around 2022, which is the year the Third Generation starts.

    • Kernely will gain a fiery battle axe named the Firegutter.
    • Torchy will finally get a girlfriend.
    • Torchy will also have a scar around his left eye. This will be exp…

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  • SuperGaming101


    August 16, 2018 by SuperGaming101


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  • Chilly Bean BAM!
    Heya there. Chilly here, and I'm gonna do a review on the first episode from a bland series of mine called The Heroes. Prepare for humor!
    Tyabcd: Ahhh, what a day, the time is awesome!

    So is it AWESOME:00 PM?

    (Mario crashes from above)

    ...Where did he come from...?

    Mario: I have found a portal to go into your world!

    But where though

    theese plants?

    cheese plants*

    Mamar: Um, Eldstar, who are those creatures and plants?

    Didn't Mamar hear Eldstar talk to the others? Plus, Tyabcd was a human. Well, technically, humans are creatures.

    Okay, it's time to go!

    Why did they just check on Mario but then notice the others

    Tyabcd: Who are you, pink ball? Are you Kirby?

    How did he guess that fa- oh wait.

    MEANWHILE ON THE Villan Blimp...

    "Villain Blimp" was the dumbest na…

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  • Huntertabbysandshark3

    Drone 357: this thing on?.... wait what do you mean we just doing a audio transcript..... great... ok your already recording aren’t you?.... just what I thought. Right anyway welcome to the guide to the great rift my home and a area of space soo damn unstable that going into the kitchen can mean ending up in a pit of snakes

    Anna: I though you just said planet snuffed around.... multiple realities or something like that....

    Drone 357: it’s called dramatic affect kiddo

    Anna: I’m not that young.... you going to get the the “science” now?

    Drone 357 : yes yes in a minute. The great rift is a area of space where space time is for all intents and purpose dead.... it does not exist at all there is not contentious time line ever decision made when with …

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  • CITRONtanker

    This slave manual survival guide is presented by Galactic Industries. Making your world a pit of doom, for better of for worse, since 2017. 

    It started like any normal day. You got up, ate breakfast, got on your very best clothing, and set out to do some errands. You have a long personal list of things to do, but first on your list is to do some grocery shopping at the local market. In the middle of your shopping, you start to hear a loud, booming noise, like a thunderclap on a stormy day- startled, you quickly run to the cash register, pay for your food, and cautiously walk out the door of the market.

    The sight could not be any more terrifying- to mortals, that is. You see stormy skies, the population of your city running amok in panic, no cl…

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  • PaperMarioFan1000

    I was bored, so I came up with this crap.

    You can come up with as much microgames that you have in mind as possible.


    Theme: Paper-themed (Microgames with Paper)

    Intro: Paper finishes a machine. He says: "Behold! My creation, the Microgamer!" He then asks the player: "Would you like to try out my new Microgamer, I'll have you test it out for free." He then takes out what it looks to be a DS Gamecard-esque object and inserts it onto the machine. The machine shakes and the camera pans into the machine.

    Lives: Paper's Hat

    Microgame Intro: The Machine starts to flash different colors and then it zooms in, showing the microgame.

    Microgame Won: The Machine's screen shows Paper's face in happiness.

    Microgame Lost: The Machine starts to break down, wi…

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  • CITRONtanker

    I just made a blog yesterday, but who cares?

    I've always wanted to do this! Cuphead is one of my favorite, yet most fury inducing, games I have played in quite some time, and I sat down and thought to myself- "If Cuphead tried to collect the contracts of the RP characters, what would the battles play out like? Well, lets see how my roster would fight, and feel free to share your own in the comments!

    A brawl is surely brewing.

    And begin!

    Before the battle: Jenny will paint a skull of Cuphead with her Inkbrush, and then point at Cuphead with a determined smile. 

    Phase 1: Jenny will primarily run at Cuphead with her Inkbrush, hurting him if she runs into him, and then turns around when at the edge of the arena, swinging her brush to fling a glob o…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Hi guys, Pea here again with another blog! With a huge expansion to the rosters as time goes by, I couldn't help but start thinking of how IaLR characters, heroes and villains alike, will turn out as PvZH heroes. Credits to CITRONtanker (or as I'd like to call him Puny Inkling) for his original blog. You can also leave suggestions for me if you like. First, a few rules.

    For reference on how IaLR characters can be portrayed as PvZH heroes. You can refer to them if you want to customize your own IaLR character as a PvZH hero.

    • Good characters will lead two plant classes each, while evil characters will lead two zombie classes each.
    • Neutral characters will lead one plant class and one zombie class each. They also have both a sun and a brain count…

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  • CITRONtanker

    Welcome to CITRONtanker's second MEGANOUNCEMENT! It is hotter than Blaze's fire out there, but I aim to cool you off with developments concerning the RP. Lets get started with a brand new character!

    So, if you have not picked it up yet, I like Rocko's Modern Life- a lot. A kids shows, quote on quote, that very much appeals to adults, like many classic Nicktoons. Seriously, the dirty jokes I could find in this show are really skirting the censors. But enough of that. What will Rocko do in the RP, aside from a member of one of my TGCC, when I get involved?

    Obviously a protagonist, Rocko is often put into unfortunate, and often wacky scenarios, and what better way to expand on that than adding my crack team of characters to the mix? What could …

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!

    Because the first one was a bit blander than I thought. This includes all towers, heroes and bloons returning from BTD6 (for all three, including the Outlined Bloon in Sandbox) and BATTD (for the bloons and heroes), all the other towers from BTD5, the Golden Bloon from BTD5, the COBRA from BTDBM/BTDBS, the Boss Bloons from BMC, and new towers, heroes and bloons. This blog also brings back the 5th tiers and 3 upgrade paths for the towers, while adding the ultra-powerful 6th tiers. This brings back the Line of Sight mechanic.

    • Dart Monkey
    • Boomerang Monkey
    • Bomb Shooter
    • Tack Shooter


    • Quincy - "Nothing gets past my bow!"
    • Gwendolin - "We have ignition!"
    • Striker Jones - "I love the smell of bubblewrap in the morning!"
    • Obyn Greenfoot - "The spirits of th…

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  • PeaVZ108

    Hello everyone! Pea is here again. Fork requested that I do a list of my top 10 favorite stories written by him, since he has done a similar blog for my stories. Recently, as we have both completed the second season of Heroes of Echo Creek together, Fork has some pretty decent stories overall, with lots of action and character development included. For this list, only complete stories with Fork as the main writer will be included. So without further ado, here we go! Top 10 stories by Redfork2000, remastered!

    • The Night of the Opposite Blast Gang
    • Lemonade Rush
    • The Ticket Master
    • The Food War
    • Ponies vs Inklings

    This story focuses on the developing relationship of two unlikely characters to be paired up with, Akasha and Captain Red Shell. This used t…

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  • Redfork2000

    Hello everyone! Here I am with yet another top list! Today I'm doing a new list of my favorite stories written by PeaVZ108, one of the users I've worked with the most recently. It's been a long time since I did this list, and there's many new stories to add in this update. So this time, I'll be counting down the top 10 stories by PeaVZ108, instead of the previous top 5.

    For this list, I will be including both stories he has written alone, and stories that he has written with several users, but as the main writer, such as Nitro Mania or Hybrid Mayhem. Now, without further ado, let's start the list for the my top 10 favorite stories from PeaVZ108.

    • The Human Tsunami
    • The Shadow Foreshadowing

    I'm counting all the issues of this one as a full story.…

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  • BoltBlizard

    Inactivity Notice

    July 21, 2018 by BoltBlizard

    Hey, you don't get this often do you? Guess what? I'm leaving with a trace this time! Isn't it fun?! From tomorrow and onwards, I will not be here for a week. Until I return, I ask the stories I am involved in to be on hiatus. It's only one week, don't worry.

    But, I am allowing you lot to leave a few questions in the comments here - for me, for my cast - as long as I can answer it, I will. Knock yourselves out.

    I know this isn't much, but you're welcome. I'll see you all next week.


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