Gerald[2] Jones "Jelo Elducal" Bartholomew Edmarkson[3] is a character in In a Locked Room, The Great Crossover Competition, and The Shenanigang. He is one of the mascots of IaLR. He is roleplayed by JeloElducal.

Gerald is the founder and one of the leaders of the Locked Room Gang, a group of heroes who stop villains from taking over the multiverse, especially Galaximus. While the leader of the Gang, Gerald doesn't actually lead the Gang.

As revealed in Isolation Point, "Jelo" is actually a nickname, and his real first name is Gerald. His real last name is revealed in the story "Time Stop" as "Edmarkson". In addition, "Elducal" is revealed to also be part of his nickname.


Pre-Locked Rooms

Jelo was born in Echo Creek, Los Angeles on Dec. 19, 1993. When he was at kindergarten, he met Rosewell, and they became friends. They entered the same high school and college. When he was 12 he joined a camp named Camp Sherlock. At one time, he went up the camp bus and looked at the Comet Observatory with a telescope, but quickly went back inside due to a traffic sign about to hit him.

Jelo met a handful of Gang members before they joined the Gang. Jelo knows everyone in Echo Creek for no reason, but he met Star and Marco as random people walking by; Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy in a videogame convention (Peach and Daisy are also his neighbors for some reason); Phineas, Ferb and Milo also as random people walking by during his trips from Danville, and more.

When he was 23, he heard of the Locked Room Challenge while he was camping. Jelo said, "That's impossible! A challenge full of cartoon universes? Well, I'd try it." Jelo went near the entrance of the Locked Rooms. However, a Wizard Zombie jumped out of nowhere and started shooting spells at the campers, turning a Sweet Potato into a Lighthouse Flower. Jelo then ran around like crazy, and was hit by the zombie's spell. The portal then suddenly activated when Jelo neared, and sucked Jelo in.

Post-Locked Rooms

After the gang escapes the Locked Rooms for the last time, Jelo was worrisome about the friends and family of "the missing ones". He decides to brush it off and enjoy the town celebration, but he felt really guilty, thinking about how would they react once they find out their loved ones ended up missing. He still stayed optimistic, however.

After a bunch of apologies, Jelo returns to his normal, suburban lifestyle. He still hangs out with the Gang, though.


In his first appearance in the Hot Room, he was the letters "Jelo" in an orange background, a result of a curse. Some time later in the Cold Room, Jelo became a Papa Louie-style person. He then became a cartoonish-style person. He has messy hair, a brown jacket, brown shoes, a brown belt, blue pants and a light blue shirt. In his Flipline look, he had an aqua and black shirt, which he still keeps.

His current look now brings back his glasses. He now has brown sneakers, his pants now have more pockets and added seams, and he now wears a light blue polo shirt with a pocket. His watch was removed.

His real look is actually the cartoonish look. The Papa Louie one is actually a stage of the rehumanization, and the letters in an orange background are just a mere curse, which weared off after Season 1b.


Jelo cares to help his friends through rooms. He is intelligent, usually easy going, witty, courageous and calm. He never gives up when doing a hard task, and likes to help other people around him.

Jelo is friendly to people. He is supportive of others, is organized, and likes studying. He also likes hanging out with friends, and also likes playing games. He also likes watching videos, and listening to music, usually those from the 70s-90s. Jelo can sometimes be a bit scatterbrained and clueless, however.

Like all characters, Jelo also knows how to break the 4th wall.


Jelo owns many items since he has appeared.

Currently owns:

Jelo still owns these items. He puts them in his backpack.

  • A Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with S Pen (still with him)
    • He also has a Bluetooth speaker, which he used to play the Bad Piggies song in The Lair of the Dark Star.
  • A Swiss Army knife (keeps in his backpack, used to keep in his shirt pocket and pants pocket)
  • Sword and shield (kept in a seperate place)
  • Contact lenses (wears in some special episodes, when not wearing eyeglasses or when wearing other headgear, like shutter shades)
  • Driver's license, construction license, and a lot of other licenses (not in his backpack)
  • Pair of scissors
  • Blueprints
  • Taser
  • Blaster gun
  • Wrench, hammer, nails, nuts and bolts, other construction tools
  • Food (he keeps it in a fridge compartment)
  • Pokeballs of different types
  • A desktop running Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update; not in his backpack)
  • A Sloshing Machine, Splat Bombs and a Heavy Splatling

Jelo also owns a desktop computer, on which he sometimes makes comics on, and play music on. He also has a graphics tablet.


Jelo loses these in previous rooms.

  • A propeller jetpack (Blew up at the shadow clones in the season 1 finale)
  • Retcon remote (Lost in the black hole during the SMG room finale)
  • The Compact Lighthouse and Storage System (Exploded in the Trials of Gnomus Room, second one lost in the black hole during the SMG room finale)
  • Potion which makes zombies rise from the dead (Lost in the black hole during the SMG room finale)
  • Bag of chips (Lost in the black hole during the SMG room finale)


Jelo is an ordinary human, although he is skilled. Jelo knows fighting, punching, kicking and a lot of martial arts moves. He is agile and light. Despite his impressive speed, he cannot outrun Candace.

Jelo can also Spin Attack, a move from Super Mario Galaxy.


Rosewell Starlingson

Rosewell has been Jelo's closest friend since kindergarten, and they have been best friends ever since. They studied in the same high school and college. Rosewell is always loyal to Jelo, and he is glad that she's his wingman.

Gerry Wyslerman

Gerry is one of Jelo's best friends. He would never let him down, and he always hangs out with him.

Peeter Hugh Joey

Peeter is one of Jelo's best friends. He likes joking along with him, and always hangs out with him.


Clover used to be Jelo's crush, which is the first reason Jelo wanted to protect her. However one time Jelo said that they can be friends instead.

Star Butterfly

Jelo is in good terms and is friends with Star.

Milo Murphy

"He's persistent, optimistic and the human equivalent of Friday the 13 turned up to 11."
— Gerald, talking about Milo

Jelo is friends with Milo. Jelo is trying to survive the disasters caused by Murphy's Law, and has always managed to do so successfully everytime.

Everyone else

Jelo is friendly to the whole gang, mean to bad guys, and neutral to strangers.



  • In the Season 1 finale, Jelo is unaffected, because he has no powers.
  • Jelo in real life is different than the one in the RP, only similar in (nick)name.
  • In "Ink or Sink at the Art Museum", Jelo and Buttercup are revealed to own a Sloshing Machine.
  • Despite sharing the same name, JeloElducal now denies Jelo is based off him. JeloElducal tweaked the character's personality to make him less of an RP version of himself and more of an entirely new character.

Character Info

  • Rosewell is Jelo's first friend.
    • Rosewell also actually gave Jelo his nickname.
  • Jelo was a bit surprised when he found out Mario and Luigi were in the Rooms.
  • Jelo wears glasses because he has astigmatism.
    • When not wearing glasses, he wears contact lenses.
  • In "Slumberparty Surprise", Jelo is revealed to own a Nintendo Switch.
    • Even though Slumberparty Surprise might no longer be canon, Jelo still owns a Nintendo Switch.
  • Jelo plays in a band called "The Locked Room Jammers". Tara is on bass, Rosewell is on piano (and bass if Tara is absent), Gerry is on drums, Peeter is rhythm guitar and Jelo is lead singer and lead guitar.
  • Gerald is able to curl/roll his tongue.
  • He is faster than half of the gang, but is slower than Candace and obviously, Sonic.
  • He knows every person in Echo Creek and Hallsworthy. Nobody knows why.
    • Now, (mostly) everyone knows him, thanks to him taking the Locked Room Challenge many times in a row over the course of 2 month.
  • His nickname, Jelo, used to be spelled as "Gelo".
  • He can make a great voice impression of Lisa Loud.
    • JeloElducal got the inspiration to add this trait when he had a cold.

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  1. Jelo is 23 in the series. An error said he was 22 in part 2 of the Super Mario Galaxy room. The series takes place in the whole month of June 2017. It originally took June-August 2016, but due to IaLR now adhering to Star vs. the Forces of Evil's timeline and summer beginning in June 20 in America, it was moved way forward.
  3. Stories: Time Stop
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