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Welcome to the In a Locked Room Wiki, an encyclopedia for everything about In a Locked Room, a fanon crossover roleplay series on Plants vs. Zombies Wiki! Founded on November 23, 2016, we now have 245 pages, and 6,734 edits.


  • The Summer 2017 Wiki Update is rolling out! Get ready to see new infoboxes, navboxes, and a lot of improvements from redlink reduction to improving old pages!


Did you know...
  • ...that this sentence has thirty eight letters?
  • ...that Jelo actually plays in a band?
  • ...that Jelo will have a new look?
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This is a fanon wiki. All content, whether it be characters, rooms or items belong to their rightful owners. Info in here is fanon and is not related to the real thing. We are not affiliated with any of the companies who own most of the content here. No copyright infrigement intended, just fanon.



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