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Welcome to the In a Locked Room Wiki!

The wiki about the PvZ Wiki fanon roleplay In a Locked Room that anyone can edit!
We currently have 511 articles and 17,592 contributions.

Recent Episode

The recent part of Popping Party in the Monkey City is out! Join it here.

  • The Summer 2017 Wiki Update is rolling out! Get ready to see new infoboxes, navboxes, and a lot of improvements from redlink reduction to improving old pages!
  • Stories are coming! You can now write anything about the gang, and their random adventures! Don't be afraid to use other people's characters (but ask them for permission first), and let your imagination run wild!
  • A new sitcom based on IaLR is coming! Learn more about it here.
Did you know...
  • ...that there was a planned but scrapped (and removed) user limit of 20?
  • ...that Jelo's fanon characters (Jelo, Gerry, Peeter, Rosewell and Tara) will have a revamped look?
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