This Decidueye is a Grass and Ghost-type Pokemon owned by Voltaire, and is her first Pokemon she obtained in her journey.


Decidueye used to take time to train. He liked training as he wants to get stronger. He still likes to eat berries, much to Voltaire's disturbance due to the fact she's also a berry. He flies for berries to eat when hungry.

However, since his evolution, Decidueye is seen to be quiet and does not want to mingle everyone around him except his trainer, unless it leads him to no choice but to stay with other characters.


As a Rowlet

Decidueye, as a Rowlet, had an immediate liking on Voltaire, most likely because she's a berry herself. He was shown to like training and doesn't give up.

Rowlet eventually flew off to eat berries in Berry Fields, as he was hungry. Voltaire was worried about this, but he immediately returned after doing so.

While taking the trial in Verdant Cavern, Rowlet took the opponents with ease, and doesn't let down of himself.

As a Dartrix

Soon, Rowlet evolved into Dartrix. He had the same battling experience as before, except his flying abilities werere improved. He had no losses so far and keeps trying out new strategies.

The length of the Pokemon as Dartrix did not last too long. While Voltaire was supposed to release all of her Pokemon in The Room of Pokemon, she still kept him and her other two Pokemon, Tapu Koko and Eevee (who were both confiscated by Electro Flower in the end). In The Room of My Singing Monsters, she sent him to avoid the goo that was about to swallow the entire gang. Suddenly,he couldn't fly much longer, but he doesn't want to give up easily and continues when blue light glows.

As a Decidueye

Decidueye and Voltaire quickly escaped the goo flood after he evolved. He is not seen any further in Season 1 after this.

Decidueye reappears in Season 2's Humanimation, and uses Spirit Shackle on a shadow lever. He lifts, emits light, and casts the ghost-like creatures away at the beginning of the room. He appears again in Isolation Point, this time with a slightly larger role. Voltaire uses him to find the other members of the gang, but is never sent back to the Pokeball. When the respawning point explodes, he ends up training, not caring how lost he is. He meets with Gruffle and proceeds to find his trainer, but is still training while doing so. They meet up with Robin and Spyro, fighting against Ripto's minions, and he flies again to find the rest.

Known Moves

  • Spirit Shackle
    • This move debuts in Humanimation.
    • It is exclusive to Decidueye only; the user attacks while simultaneously stitching the target’s shadow to the ground to prevent the target from escaping. However, in its said debut, it is used to lift up a shadow lever. This move is used multiple times in Isolation Point.
  • Razor Leaf
    • This move debuts in The Room of Pokemon, and reappears in Isolation Point in Season 2.
    • Sharp-edged leaves are launched to slash at the opposing Pokemon. It has a high-critical hit ratio.
  • Pluck
    • This move debuts in The Room of Pokemon.
    • The user pecks the target (If opponent holds a berry, the user eats it and gains the effect).
  • 4th move is not clear.



  • Voltaire's starter was originally Popplio but was changed to Rowlet instead, despite Popplio being Fairy27's favorite Alolan Starter in the past.
    • The reason of this is because it was interesting to handle how a Pokemon that likes berries and flies deal with Voltaire.
    • Doing this, however, made her love go to Decidueye instead of Primarina over time.
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