Voltaire B. Shockilta[1], or Voltaire for short, is an Electric Blueberry, a recurring plant character in the Locked Room series. She technically and properly debuts in The Room of Portal 2. She ends up in the Locked Room universe while looking for a special electricity. She is also the main character of Fairy27, and is seen to be one of the mascots for In a Locked Room.

Appearance Changes

Voltaire got a redesign on April 6, 2017. The "electric tatoos" are now colored yellow and are in the leaves. The leaves are also colored green (although this is likely because she doesn't have a mint green colored pencil), she gained small eyebrows, and is clear to show one tooth visible most of the time. Part of her head is colored yellow. Some of the colors are incorrect, due to the lack of certain colored pencils needed.

As of August 28, 2017, Voltaire gets another redesign but it's be very minor. The color of her eyelashes is yellow instead of light blue, and the part of her head is no longer be colored yellow. Her leaves are also slightly longer than before.


Pre-Locked Rooms

This happened in a comic, "Zap It!". She resides in the Power Factory, where electric characters get and store electricity. One day, she was playing hide-and-seek with Electric Currant and Zapricot, who the latter went in the Dark Forest to hide. Someone unknown, being Elect'Rose, requested her to help after this, retreiving the wand. But as soon as the duo started to light the forest, Voltaire was brought into the Locked Rooms via portal.

Season 1

Voltaire is first referred as Electric Blueberry, and first arrives few rooms back with Electric Currant. She got confused with him, and went with the flow. She tries to help the group.

Electric Blueberry was not seen again (due to the user's uninterest which subsided) until room #12. Then, the Splatoon room came and she was curious how to fight with paint. She meets Cutie the Blooming Heart in part 2 and tries to side along with her. She was later revealed to think that the earth is in "chaos", due to the fact that humans can make life worse, past or future. This fact was forgotten later on. She also dubbed her as "Spiky Heart" when the vines took her form. Later on, she reveals her first name to be Voltaire.

In the Pokemon Room, the first thing Voltaire saw about it (pre-entering) was a video message from Professor Kukui, which was about the upcoming adventure to the Alola region section. She chooses Rowlet as her starter Pokemon, and is currently training him. She caught 2 additional Pokemon only. In the Singing Monsters Room, Voltaire escapes the seed goo to prevent herself from turning to vines. Most of the next rooms, she, along with Straw, got neutral. In the Mario Kart Room, Voltaire is average of her racing skills, however she begins to grow strong hatred with Script. She doesn't want to show it. In the Super Mario Galaxy Room, she was the only good character who survived out of the triple characters, while Rosalina remained. She and Straw argued at some point. She also revealed her full name.

The Lair of the Dark Star is where things are getting revealed. Voltaire almost completely loses her powers until Immortelle the Witch Hazel's room. She was trapped in a dark ball, and lost hope. However, a light encourages her to fight back, this time with the help of an electrical wand. She used it against Immortelle, vanishing her in one shot. The battle is technically not over until Dark Star's room, since she has to deal with the Death Curse she applied on her until said room, where the cure is stored. Furthermore, there'll be a "bonus boss" for her to fight only, skipping the battle against Dark Star.

Season 2

Voltaire did not appear in Puzzle Universe (due to the user's inactivity from exams), but did appear in Crystal Ski Caverns as her first Season 2 appearance. She is revealed to not have an interest at skiing. She briefly appears in Region for the Sky when Guzzlord appeared.

In Ink or Sink at the Art Museum, Voltaire talks at a random pink female Inkling about the Inkopolis news the gang just missed, and it's all about the Art Museum place. She wants to check in there, and she followed the somehwat comedic chase at a green Inkling, involving the Glue Gun she got. This led to the Art Museum's location, and she and the rest of the gang entered, exploring what is around there. She later has a strange feeling on where to go first, to the left. She spots a key but it disappears. The same green Inkling appears again and reveals his name to be Klitz. She balances herself in the first segment. She said about summoning a strong Pokemon, turning out to be a wild Girantina, in the second segment, and uses an immediate Master Ball at it. Shortly after, she gets Splat Dualies to splat the spawned Octolings. Not much happened to her in the next few rooms, such as The Wacky Bob-omb Factory and Humanimation.

In Stare into the Dragon Soul, Voltaire ends up bieng one of the hypnotized characters, but was shortly restored back to normal.


Voltaire is being prideful of her abilities, and her partners along. She has a hatred of her name due to her thinking it's too masculine. She is #999 out of all Electric Blueberries, close to being the 1000th.

Voltaire also doesn't have too much hope, as revealed in The Lair of the Dark Star. She thought of negative conclusions at first, but this hope is finally on her later on. She also hates any ally to die after the said room.

Aside from that, she pretty much has an average personality.


Voltaire can do almost anything with electricity, like making electric balls or electrical chains against enemies. A notable usage of this is using her thunder cloud as her transportation vehicle.

Plant Food effect

When fed by Plant Food, Voltaire fires a large electrical spike from her leaf, which lands into somewhere near the opponent. Anything can be attracted from that electrical spike, zapping them for almost an eternity.

This PF effect is considered her Final Smash in The Room of Super Smash Bros., but didn't get the chance to show it. The name is "Spike of 100,000 Volts".

Owned Pokemon

  • Rowlet -> Dartrix -> Decidueye - Starter Pokemon, and a male one, Decidueye tends to pick on Electric Blueberry's body due to his likings on berries and never gives it all up. Currently on-hand.
  • Tapu Koko - Guardian deity of Melemele Island, Tapu Koko has a sense of curiousity. Currently deposited on the PC. It gets desposited and confiscated by Electro Flower.
  • Eevee - A Pokemon caught on Route 4, but never got its true colors revealed due to Voltaire entering the next room. It gets deposited and confiscated by Electro Flower.



  • When the user was returning to the Locked Room series, Voltaire was originally not the main character to use for the user herself. In fact, she and Electric Currant were originally out.
    • The original main characters were either Nec'Rose or Peashooter.
  • Voltaire's original number is #2.
  • Voltaire is one of the three characters owned by Fairy27 who has her full name revealed, being "Voltaire B. Shockilta".
    • This fact is very rare to plants. Ones who aren't the main ones were only given their first name, but very few were given full names. Voltaire is one of the plants in the latter choice.
    • The other two who have their full names revealed are Klitz and Rosalina.
  • Since Evil Script's method of killing her did not count (for the user has plans not to do so), she is the only good character of Fairy27 without a proper death scene.
    • This, however, only applies on Season 1.


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